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PS Vita vs PS3 Graphics comparison

Discussion in 'PS Vita General' started by Erlix, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Erlix

    Erlix Member

    Hey there guys! So I found a article that does a comparison of both systems graphics with the games of Uncharted and LBP. Here's the article: http://psvitablog.info/playstation-vita-vs-ps3-graphics-comparison/

    So how do you think Vita's graphics do against PS3's? I think they are closer to late PS3 games, like Uncharted 2 and LBP 2, than early PS3 titles.
  2. Luuk.vanRiel

    Luuk.vanRiel The Eternal Poster

    I understand that you think the graphics are more like later ps3 games like uncharted 2. I played through that game a few times and when i saw the vids from golden abys i was indeed blown away. I started looking at the (reliable) screenshots from the vita game i did see minor differences. Object in the distance aren't as detailed as in among thieves. Golden abys is definitly looking better than drakes fortune. But you also have to think about the resolution. On a 42'' hdtv these games look a lot clearer than on a old tv. On psv the same. The resolution is great wich makes the graphics stand out a lot more. Lighting and animation is also awesomely made. Another thing that makes me really happy is the fact early ps3 games only used half of ps3's power. The same obviously goes for psv although sony made it a lot easier to program the first games can sure be improved in sequals so the full potential won't be seen till a year or so after release.
    Also i think after a few years they will release a version with even more horsepower. They did'nt do this with the original psp versions but according to the fact sony decided to listen to its fan base i'm sure we'll see a version with improved processor power or an overclocked processor and a higher resolution screen, longer lasting battery and a few other tweaks.

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